How to Improve Your Marketing Blog


By Tom Kerr

If your brand has a marketing blog, chances are you are investing a lot of time in writing so that you maintain a consistent publishing schedule. In this article, we provide four simple methods to improving the quality of your blog and making sure that time isn’t being wasted:

1. Get to the point.

Scatterbrained, stream-of-consciousness blog posts should be reserved for personal social media, not professional marketing contexts. Every time you sit down to write a blog post, think about the one point you seek to prove or elaborate upon (we’d call this your thesis.) Having a clear, single objective will ensure the blog is coherent and not time-wasting. For example, the purpose of this blog post could be summarized like so:

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The Smokin’ CEO – That is, Pot Smokin’

twenty states that allow marijuana

By Josh Cline

In no way does this post mean that I smoke pot. But I believe that smoking marijuana for medical reasons is absolutely fine.

The Sunday edition of the New York Times came out with an editorial in support of marijuana legalization. But there is a twist: The newspaper is still going to test prospective employees for pot use because of federal law.

America’s newspaper of record is not the only company that is dealing with the nuances and complexities of the changing drug laws. As the medical-marijuana industry grows and marijuana use in general becomes more socially acceptable, this new reality is affecting corporate policy.

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Your Content Must Match Your Brand


By Josh Cline

Would your content be approved by Elaine Benes?

The tough “Seinfeld” character’s final job in the series was working as a copy editor at the J. Peterman Catalogue. In short, her job was to edit and finalize the text of the “content” that the company produces.

But before I go into what jobs like hers really entail, it is important first to take a step back and address the clichéd word “content.” Online marketers realized its importance some years ago and have since often proclaimed that “content is king” (as though it is some genius revelation.)

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Startup Life in Israel’s War Zone

It goes without saying that Israeli and Palestinian civilians are suffering in the current conflict at the hands of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. Like in prior wars, Israeli businesses are also being affected. But as we all know, Israel always recovers and this time, Israel seems to be in it to end Hamas.

Read more at LinkedIn Today!

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How to Get Noticed When Applying For Jobs on LinkedIn


By Robin Kelman

LinkedIn is a very popular platform for job postings—so much so that the company recently announced a new job search app. This works great for those seeking employment but for employers the task can be tedious and time consuming.

It’s important for job seekers to remember a few quick tips. These will save the applicant and the employer a significant amount of time – valuable time that can be spent on bringing qualified, prospective employees in for interviews – and in turn, potentially getting you in for an interview!

When looking at job postings on LinkedIn:

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What Public Relations Can Learn From SEO

seo and pr

By Samuel Scott

Insert links into press releases that include targeted keywords in the text of the links and then publish and distribute them throughout the Internet. If you work in public relations, that statement is probably what you think when you hear the term “SEO.” But the reality is a little more complicated.

First, as we wrote recently, Google has rightfully killed so-called the above-described “SEO press releases.” As PR professionals have always known, the purpose of news releases is to get coverage and not links directly. (The best links for “SEO” purposes then come indirectly from the coverage.)

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When One Person Breaks Protocol

Since I founded The Cline Group in 2007, I have always put company protocols in place. Many may think it is not needed at a small firm, but I have always argued that it is. I started my career at a large PR firm where there were protocols to be followed, and I saw first-hand how important they were (not following them could have rightly led to termination).

How do you maintain your company culture while still having strict protocols? Easy. Have only a few but make sure that everyone follows them.

Read the rest at LinkedIn Today!

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10 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

Time management is a sensitive issue—every employee has his or her own style. Senior management will always stress time management to their teams, but everyone has a different opinion on what that really means. One person may think one method is the best way to communicate, and another may feel that it is a waste of time. One employee may think a matter is worth 30 to 45 minutes of time to solve a “problem” when someone else may think the issue is not important at all.

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