5 Communication Tips for the New PR Pro


By Caitlin Driscoll

Congratulations! You’ve studied hard, interned and interviewed diligently, and finally secured your first PR job. Starting a position at a new company can be daunting no matter what rung you are climbing on the career ladder, so how can you manage to make a good impression and thrive in the field of public relations?

The answer to this question is complex, but much of it can be boiled down to communication skills. Good communication is said to be the key to successful relationships—and in an industry all about relationships, communication is imperative to your professional success as well. As the newest employee at The Cline Group, I wanted to share a few tips I’ve learned to help overcome and avoid communication barriers:

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Why PR Keeps You On Your Feet


By Ariel Shore

After I said goodbye to my undergraduate days, I invested a lot of time in polishing my resume and drafting engaging cover letters for a variety of PR agencies in the Greater Philadelphia area. I was fortunate enough to have several in-person interviews and to my surprise every PR interviewer communicated the same thing: “You will never have the same day in PR.”

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Mobile Apps Need to Focus on More Than Just Downloads

Is the number of downloads the best KPI or metric of success for mobile apps? Not in my book.

According to recent data from Nielsen, the average person does not use more than thirty apps – so, the number of available apps is increasing each day, but people are not using more of them. The competition to get seen – let alone downloaded – is increasing every day. The scary part? The majority of apps that are downloaded are not used more than once.

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Who Owns the Future of SEO?

If your SEO strategy changes every time that Google updates its algorithm, you’re doing it wrong.

Here is a typical example that I have pieced together from countless stories that I have heard from my staff and others in the digital-marketing industry. Someone asks for help on his website – his search-engine rankings had disappeared. A brief look at the site and backlink profile determines the cause – a Google penalty that was later verified in Google Webmaster Tools. The person had stuffed the site with numerous, spammy keywords along with thin, duplicated content and had obtained hundreds of backlinks with exact-match anchor text from bad directories.

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How to Handle a PR Crisis on Social Media



By Leigh Ann Gregoire

Often it is a small observation by someone on social media that initiates a crisis—a single spark that ignites a firestorm. A single tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram picture can be picked up by a 24-hour news outlet, which in turn is picked up by major news networks, which in turn informs the mass public, and so the cycle goes. As a result, social media has become an important channel for company’s public statements during a crisis, as demonstrated by Malaysian Airlines following the crash of MH17 in Ukraine.

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21 Tips for Startup Success at CES 2015

The International CES may be one of the only – if not the only – large trade shows left in America that matters. (Most similarly-sized trade shows disappear partly because smaller, niche ones may offer greater value for a given sector.)

It is a far cry today from 2001, when I was at one or two events every month for Apogee Networks and Schema. One of the most important things I learned that year was what it takes to maximize the benefits of attending trade shows.

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The Myths That Impede Marketing Success Today

So, you call yourself a “startup” because you’ve started a new company with some flashy, high-tech product or mobile app. Good for you. Now, here’s the blunt truth that you need to understand: You’re not special.

“Startup” is nothing more than the newest buzzword for “small business.” Decades ago, a person with a business idea would borrow a little money or take some savings, write a business plan, and ask the local bank for a loan. Today, the exact same thing is true – except that the first and third steps may be replaced by angel investors or venture-capital funds.

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How to Improve Your Marketing Blog


By Tom Kerr

If your brand has a marketing blog, chances are you are investing a lot of time in writing so that you maintain a consistent publishing schedule. In this article, we provide four simple methods to improving the quality of your blog and making sure that time isn’t being wasted:

1. Get to the point.

Scatterbrained, stream-of-consciousness blog posts should be reserved for personal social media, not professional marketing contexts. Every time you sit down to write a blog post, think about the one point you seek to prove or elaborate upon (we’d call this your thesis.) Having a clear, single objective will ensure the blog is coherent and not time-wasting. For example, the purpose of this blog post could be summarized like so:

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