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Do Tag Clouds Hurt SEO?

Are tag clouds so good for SEO? Matt Cutts gives his opinion.

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Just how big is social media in the United Kingdom?

The social media and networking phenomenon is growing extremely fast in the UK. 85 percent of the population is online; they spend over 6 hours on social media sites every month, nearly 60 percent of them read blogs and 64% have their own profile on a social network.

(Source: Mashable)

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Dilbert on Public Relations

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Is Crisis Public Relations REALLY in Crisis? Or does the Washington Post and Slate have it wrong?

A recent posting on The Big Money by freelancer Matthew DeBord made one of the most misguided assessments of crisis public relations that I have ever run across.  Calling it “PR’s evil twin” and “a black sorcerer’s art worth millions,” DeBorg claims that in the social media universe “crisis PR is no longer up to the job”—that the “dark art” is in meltdown.  He bases his conclusion on what he called “a veritable deluge of crises since 2008.”

In his attack DeBord is right about two things:

  • There have been many high profile crises in the past two years.
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7 Social Media Marketing Lessons from Mad Men

Mad Men may depict the ad world of the 1960s, but the lessons of this successful AMC show depicting the Madison Avenue world of 50 years ago still has a lot of relevance in today’s digital environment of 2010 and beyond.

While Don Draper barely respected the world of the television commercial and certainly couldn’t have imagined Wikipedia or Facebook, there is still a lot we can learn — including the mistakes — from the Sterling Cooper team.

Apologies but I can’t embed most clips that are on YouTube, so check out the links.

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Tips for Connecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very important social network for business connections. But is it used correctly? Do your connections even know who you are?

Karen Rubin of HubSpot has some great suggestions how to avoid one of her big LinkedIn pet peeves.

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Will changing hosts cause any SEO concerns?

GoogleWebmasterHelp answers the question: Will changing hosts hurt my search engine rankings?

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10 Reasons NOT to Delete Your Facebook Account

The following is a guest post from Natan Gesher and was first posted on his blog Lines Writing Lines and is reprinted with permission of the author. The views expressed are entirely his own.

If you’re in the habit of following these things, you’ve by no doubt now read Dan Yoder’s 10 Reasons to Delete Your Facebook Account. I’ve seen it posted in six or seven places in just the past few hours. Unfortunately, it makes less and less sense every time I skim it. For the following reasons and for many others, I am not planning to delete my Facebook account:

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