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Using Web Analytics to Measure Your PR Results

One of the things I’ve always advocated when consulting clients or internally is to measure business outcomes, not just activities.

Digital marketing has actually made tracking actual business results much easier and much more accountable than print or telephone channels.

In digital marketing, this requires web analytics. There are several types of analytics, but the most popular is click-stream, which tracks actual clicks and visits.

Many of us have Google Analytics or other click-stream tracking set up … but many of us probably have never checked it.

This is a huge mistake. By measuring our web data, we can:

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Why You Need a Good Landing Page

why you need a good landing pageBy Samuel Scott

Have you ever sat at a restaurant table, opened the menu, and then saw that there was something approaching fifty options? If you’re like me, it probably took you ten minutes or longer just to make a choice: “Well, I haven’t had steak in a while… but the chicken looks delicious! Wait, but what about the smoked salmon…? Oh… I don’t know what to order!”

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You Have Less Than Two Years to Get Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing, iphone marketing, android marketingBy Samuel Scott

If you live in the Boston area, you have a chance to win a free Dunkin’ Donuts deli-sandwich each day this month – if you use your smartphone to take pictures or answer trivia questions through the company’s mobile applications. Orvis, an outdoor-apparel firm, is engaging loyal customers through smartphone apps designed for the upcoming holiday season. Frozen-yogurt franchise Yumilicious is sending tailored promotions and loyalty offers to customers’ mobile phones.

These are just a few examples of companies that recognize the forthcoming dominance of mobile-based marketing.

What is your marketing department doing?

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Is Your Store Making Sales? How about Your Website?

If you owned a store and no one came to the store, you would worry. You wouldn’t say, “Well, I did my job. I opened up my store. There’s even merchandise here and a semi-functioning cash register. Someone who really wants to buy can.”

If that was the case, you would wonder what was wrong. Perhaps you would invest in a promotional campaign: maybe take out an advertisement, contact local media to try to get a story, give a sales discount, offer a Groupon or Living Social coupon, or pass out fliers in the parking lot.

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How to Attract Angel Investors with PR and Your Blog

high-tech blogging, vc blogs, angel investor blogs, seed investment blogsBy Josh Cline

You might already know that companies that blog generally have more-consistent sales. But did you know that start-ups that blog and use related public-relations effectively have a better chance of attracting angel investors as well?

In today’s financial climate, it can be extremely difficult to obtain seed investment – so every available and relevant resource needs to be directed, at least in part, towards that end. writer Matthew DeLuca understands this point well:

Edward Williams, partner at Brook Venture Partners, says that he looks at all the standard data when considering an investment, but treats blogs a little differently.

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Are Your Business Goals Realistic?

I’ve touched before on the importance of strategic planning before: decide what you want to do before you decide what services or tactics you want to implement.

The Cline Group’s CEO, Josh Cline, also wrote about the importance of planning on The Cline Group’s site. Josh wrote:

So, what is the big problem? Companies today are forgetting the traditional holistic approach to marketing strategy. They are forgetting or ignoring basic business and marketing fundamentals like messaging and positioning, branding and overall perceptions. Companies are missing the basic marketing principles, such as mapping the marketing plan to the company’s short-term and long- term goals and its business objectives.

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When to Use SEO and PPC in Your Online Marketing

difference between seo and ppcBy Samuel Scott

In search-engine marketing (SEM) – the goal of which is to rank highly in Google search-results for chosen keywords – there are two general strategies: search-engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to know when to use each one (or even both).

Before you make this marketing decision, you first need to determine and understand your overall business goals. As we at The Cline Group have always maintained, one’s marketing goal needs to be in line with one’s business goal before it can be integrated and executed successfully.

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This Week’s Online-Marketing News Headlines

online marketing newsBy Daniel Goldstein

Internet-marketing news breaks each day, if not each hour, so online marketers need to keep abreast of the latest headlines. Here’s what we at The Cline Group found interesting this past week.

  • Google +1 shares can now appear in your Google+ social-media account. In two prior posts, we addressed how Google +1 will affect SEO and SEM and how Google+ (Google Plus) will affect Facebook and social media in general. Now, Google has announced that people can have their +1s (“likes”) appear in their Google+ account – along with specifying which “circles” will see them. For example, if I like a certain article on social media, I may choose to share it with my “Work” circle and not my “Family” one. (I don’t think Grandma would be interested.) The marketing takeaway: It is becoming increasingly important to incorporate Google +1 and Google+ into your social-media marketing.
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