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When “Time and Money” Becomes “Content and Ads”

facebook advertisingBy Samuel Scott

Imagine that you are a marketing vice president living in the early 1950s, when television first became widely popular in the United States. The CEO of your company wants the millions of users of the new medium to know about your product – but he is not interested in taking the time and spending the money to produce any commercials.

You would laugh. (Well, as much as you could laugh in front of your boss.) The CEO clearly would not understand the nature of marketing via the new medium. Without television content, television marketing is impossible.

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How to Increase Your Clout – With Klout

how to increase your kloutBy Josh Cline

Your company might have clout in your industry – but does it have Klout?

Klout, as you may have heard, is a website that automatically attaches a rating from 1 to 100 to everyone – and every business – who has at least a public Twitter account. Those whose numbers are higher have more “clout” on social-media networks.

And why is your score important?

As Seth Stevenson writes in Wired:

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Differences Between Social-Media and Community Managers

Differences Between Social-Media and Community ManagersBy Samuel Scott

Has your company ever put out a job opening for a social-media manager and then received countless resumes for people with experience as community managers – or vice versa? You’re not alone. Many people – and even many businesses – mistakenly think that the two are merely different phrases that mean the same thing.

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Not All Social-Media Networks Are Created Equal

social-media network differencesBy Samuel Scott

Unless you have been living under a digital rock, you probably know the increasing importance of social-media marketing to your business both today and in the future. However, it is important to know that social media is not a panacea – it is not a magic bullet that will get you a quick million dollars in sales in return. If it were, then every business would be successful within weeks of creating a Facebook page or Twitter account.

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3 Social Media Tips for Local Businesses

local business social media, local business social-media marketingBy Samuel Scott

If you follow marketing news, you have probably heard of national brands launching large social media campaigns like Kohl’s and Target on Facebook and Radio Shack and Nestle on Twitter. Still, it is very easy to use social media for business even if you just have a local store.

In Boston, where I lived for nine years, one of the most-famous pizzerias is Santarpio’s in the neighborhood of East Boston. If you live in Eastie – as Bostonians call it – and order delivery from somewhere else rather than take-away from Santarpio’s (pictured), your neighbors will think that you are crazy or have bad taste in pizza.

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Google Revolutionizes SEO Forever (Again)

new google serps google+ socialBy Samuel Scott

After Google unveiled first its +1 social-sharing button and then its Google+ social network last year, my colleague Daniel Goldstein predicted that the changes will eventually influence organic-search results. Google, he argued, will increasingly personalize search results based on what an individual searcher has “+1ed” in the past.

Well, that time has arrived. And if your company does not adapt, you will miss out on a tremendous amount of valuable traffic to your website.

On January 10, Google announced its “Search, plus Your World” revamp of its search-result pages:

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The Intangible ROI of Social-Media Marketing

roi social media, roi social-media marketing, roi smmBy Samuel Scott

A lot of business and marketing is impossible to measure quantitatively but still widely regarded as valuable. Take branding, for example. Companies spend millions on logos, product appearance, communications, and guerilla marketing – among countless other tactics – to ensure that consumers think of a desired connotation when they think of a brand. It’s not a cheap endeavor – it can take years to build a solid brand.

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Is Your Social-Media Marketing Truly Adding Value?

smm valueBy Josh Cline

Is every single one of your Facebook and Twitter posts delivering something that your target market will find valuable, or are you posting items in social media just to put something there? The answer will likely determine the future of your social-media marketing efforts.

In a recent Harvard Business Review blog-post, Brian Solis relates how he had once attended a presentation by a Facebook sales-representative and was shocked at his useless recommendation:

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